Sharrott Wines Win 8 Medals at 2017 Finger Lakes International

The 16th annual Finger Lakes International Wine Competition was held at the Rochester Holiday Inn, March 24-26, 2017 in Rochester, NY. Known as the world’s largest wine competition to support a charity, it is open to all commercial wineries from all wine-producing countries.

3,077 wines were entered from 621 wineries and 16 countries.

All proceeds from the competition and subsequent events benefit Camp Good Days and Special Times, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and families all over the world, whose lives have been touched by cancer and other life-threatening challenges. Located in the heart of New York State’s Finger Lakes wine country, the Camp offers residential programs, year-round activities, and events for adults and children.

We are pleased to announce that Sharrott’s Tango, our red blend, was awarded a Gold Medal at this year’s competition. Fan favorites Riesling and Barrel Reserve Chardonnay won Silver. Overall, Sharrott wines won 8 medals!

According to our owner and wine maker, Larry Sharrott II, “Winning a medal at a competition of this caliber is an indication that we are producing quality wines that can stand with any wine in the United States or the World.”

“We are pleased to be recognized by the Finger Lakes International judges for our efforts,” he adds.

For a full list of our award winners, visit our Awards Page.

To purchase our award-winners, visit our Tasting Room or Online Store.




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Sharrott Wines for Your Spring Holiday Celebrations

No matter what holidays you celebrate this Spring, we have you covered with our recommended Sharrott Wine pairings!

Easter Egg Hunt


  • Vegetables, spinach dip – Pinot Grigio, Vidal Blanc
  • Cheese, cheese-based casseroles – Barrel Reserve Chardonnay
  • Hard boiled eggs, quiche – Vidal Blanc, Unoaked Chardonnay
  • Deviled eggs – Pinot Grigio, Dry Riesling
  • Cold cuts – Dry Rose, Cabernet Franc, Trio
  • Sauteed greens, salad – Vidal Blanc, Dry Rose

Main Course:

  • Honey glazed ham – Dry Riesling, Riesling
  • Pepper-crusted ham – Tango, Chambourcin, Coeur d’Est
  • Raspberry glazed ham – Chambourcin, Crimson Sky
  • Pork Loin or chop – Dry Riesling, Vignoles
  • Roast beef – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Tango, Trio
  • Lamb – Cabernet Franc, Coeur d’Est


  • Chocolate cake, candy – Crimson Sky, Wicked
  • Coconut cake – Vignoles, Just Peachy Sangria
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Sharrott Wines Win Big in San Francisco


Amid the ocean of California chardonnay and West Coast pinot noir that inevitably floods the world’s largest competition for American wines, there are always some telling surprises. A serious port-style wine from South Jersey? An evocative rosé from sunny Kennett Square? A deep, plush, and spicy petit verdot from the verdant vineyards of Fort Washington?

Uh-huh. It happened. I was there. And as one of the 62 judges who put on a lab coat for four days to sip, swish, and spit our way through the blind tasting of 7,000 mystery wines at the 17th annual San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition in this northern Sonoma agricultural town, I can tell you the proof is always inside the glass.

Click here to continue article…

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Holiday Party Food & Wine Pairings for 2016

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

It’s Holiday Party season! And whether you’re a first time host or a seasoned hostess, Sharrott Winery can help make your holiday gathering a success.

Just take a look at these great appetizer ideas paired with our award-winning wines:

Marinated mushrooms, green olives – Pair with Pinot Grigio, Vidal Blanc, Unoaked Chardonnay, Tango Red or Trio.

Chex Party Mix, Spicy Pub Mix – These spicy snacks taste great with our Unoaked Chardonnay or our semi-sweet Vignoles.

Pepperoni slices, salami, deli roast beef – Bring out the reds! Try Tango, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Petit Verdot.

Cheeses –

  • Blue cheese – Trust Wicked to stand up to this fragrant cheese.
  • White mild cheeses – Serve with Vidal Blanc, Unoaked Chardonnay, Dry Riesling or Vignoles.
  • Cheddar cheese – Pairs well with Barrel Reserve Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chambourcin or Merlot.
  • Fondue (Swiss) – Pour a little of these wines into your fondue for extra flavor: Pinot Grigio, Vidal Blanc, Unoaked Chardonnay, or Barrel Reserve Chardonnay.

Dark Chocolate – Completely yummy with Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Winter Spice or Wicked!

Chocolate FondueCrimson Sky

Creamy dips – Require a crisp dry wine like Vidal Blanc or Unoaked Chardonnay.

Chips and Just Peachy Salsa (available in our tasting room) – Help the Food Bank of South Jersey with your purchase of Just Peachy Salsa. Then pair it with Sharrott’s own Just Peachy Sangria (due back in the Tasting Room soon) – double peachy goodness!

Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies – Think peanut butter and jelly here. Try our sweet Crimson Sky.

All wines available In-Store and Online. Now through December 24, your order of 3 bottles or more ships FREE.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Sharrott Winery!

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Thanksgiving Food & Wine Pairings for 2016

Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here with its aromas of turkey, stuffing, potatoes and pumpkin pie. And whether you are serving 2 people or 20, you will definitely need wine to go with your feast.

Let Sharrott Winery help with our recommended food and wine pairings for your Thanksgiving dinner.


Photo by J. MalmeVegetable crudites, creamy dipsPinot Grigrio, Vidal Blanc, Unoaked Chardonnay

These wines are light-bodied and dry with fruity aromas and a crisp finish.

Cheese and crackers Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Trio

The tannins in these dry reds will enhance the full-bodied flavors of cheddar and blue cheeses.

Swedish MeatballsBarrel Reserve Chardonnay, Vignoles

White wines, whether oaked or sweet, enhance the spices found in this favorite recipe.

Main Course:

Photo courtesy of iStock photoTurkeyUnoaked Chardonnay, Vidal Blanc, Dry Rose, Dry Riesling, Trio

Dry Riesling is the perfect match for roasted turkey. Try Dry Rose with a fork-full of cranberry sauce. And dry wine lovers will enjoy Unoaked Chardonnay or Vidal Blanc with their feast.

If you really prefer red wine, try Trio – its light body and smooth finish complement the variety of foods on your table.

Roast Beef/Steak Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tango, Merlot, Coeur d’Est


Photo courtesy of iStock photoPumpkin PieWinter Spice, Wicked

Dark ChocolateMerlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Wicked

Chocolate FondueChambourcin, Crimson Sky

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Sharrott Winery!

We are open Thanksgiving Day from 10 am to 2 pm for your last-minute holiday wine needs! All of our wines are available in our Online Store as well.

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