Your Questions About Our Construction – Answered!

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We know you are super-excited about our construction project. We are, too! And many of you have questions about what’s going on. So here are answers to some of your most frequently asked questions…
What are you building?
Our new Tasting Room (attached to our current Tasting Room/Production building) will include expanded retail shopping space, 2 tasting bars, indoor seating, bigger bathrooms, and so much more!
This larger space will allow us to accommodate more customers in comfort and style! Plus the building offers gorgeous views of our vineyard via our ‘wall of windows’!
Will there still be a patio?
Yes, definitely! Our new patio is bigger than before with a permanent roof covering two-thirds of the space. We plan to hold live music outdoors whenever possible, but with our indoor space, we can bring the music inside in cold and inclement weather. Live Music will run year-round!
What happens to the old Tasting Room?
Our old Tasting Room will be converted to production space. We have more large tanks on order, so we can make even more of your favorite wines. Plus, we hope to expand our offerings in the future!

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  1. Congratulations on your new addition. We look forward to visiting the new tasting room. Wishing many years of continuous success.

  2. The new edition sounds amazing! My friends and I are looking forward to the upcoming events at Sharrott! Especially, Ginger Coyle and Chris Huff!!

  3. Hello!
    We are Wine Club Member’s for many years & are Over the Moon excited for the new addition! We swear we will be there 24/7 when it is completed! It has been so heartening & exciting to see y’all thrive & grow so extensively over the years! Wishing y’all many years of success!

    Walt & Olivia Zarnack, Williamstown, NJ

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