The Benefits of Decanting Wine

Ross Gardiner of The Savory asks what’s the point of decanting wine?

ToastingWine can be scary. We completely understand that. It’s one of those intimidating subjects with a myriad of rules and regulations, mannerisms and faux-pas. Straying from or rejecting these concepts invites social exclusion and ridicule. Wine’s high opinion of itself can often detracts from its pleasure.

Of course, all of this is ridiculous. No amount of pretension should ever cloud your enjoyment of the juice, but it understandably happens. It’s easy to get nervous in an old school crowd that prattles off tasting notes as purple as their stained teeth. When they liken the arousal of their senses to Wordsworth verses, all you smell is “wine.”

Look, no one knows everything. It’s important to remember that if you’re wondering “why,” chances are someone else at the table is wondering “why” too.

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