How to Choose a Cooking Wine

The best types of wine for your recipes courtesy of the Wine Folly blog.

There are several types of cooking wines including Marsala, Sherry, Sauternes and Rice Wine. This guide is designed to quickly identify the types of cooking wines and in what dishes they’re used. Just so you know, the major difference between wines sold as cooking wines vs. regular drinking wines is quality. If anything, cooking with a regular drinking wine will give you a better tasting dish because the quality is much higher.

There are 6 main styles of cooking wine.

  • 1. Dry Red & White Wines
  • 2. Dry Nutty/Oxidized Wines
  • 3. Sweet Nutty/Oxidized Wines
  • 4. Sweet Fortified Red Wines Like Port
  • 5. Sweet White Wines
  • 6. Rice Wine

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