Breaking the Rules: Red Wine with Fish

Twelve exceptions to the rule that you shouldn’t drink red wine with fish by Alison Spiegel of The Huffington Post.

iStock_000004237206SmallThe rule of thumb for pairing wine with food is red wine goes with meat and white wine with fish. This well-known statute is strictly observed the world over — but are there ever exceptions?

Like most culinary rules, if you understand why they exist you can usually break them, within reason. For example, you don’t have to truss a chicken before roasting it and scrambled eggs do not necessarily need to be cooked on low heat, the Amateur Gourmet says. Sometimes it’s fun to break the rules — and it can be a rewarding way to discover something new.

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4 Responses to Breaking the Rules: Red Wine with Fish

  1. Jeffrey Missonellie says:

    Saw you on NBR Ch 13. Where do you market in northern NJ?

  2. jemalme says:

    We have recently expanded to several locations further north. I recommend you use our Store Locator (link found at the bottom of our home page) to find a store closest to you. We also ship wine anywhere in New Jersey, as well as many other states. Thanks for your interest!

  3. Bryce Trout says:

    Me and my fiance love sitting down with a good bottle of wine and unwinding in the evenings. We mostly just share a bottle, but we have discussed pairing wine with our food. I know my fiance really likes fish so I will pass on your tip about red wine. We will really be wining and dining soon! Thank you for the tips.

  4. jemalme says:

    You’re welcome! Enjoy your adventures in food and wine. Cheers!

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