What to Drink Now: Staff Picks Edition

iStock_000006351004MediumHere in the Sharrott Winery Tasting Room, the question we get asked the most is “What’s your favorite wine?” A loaded question to be sure!

The answer to that question depends on many factors: the day of the week, the time of year, or what we are eating at the time. You will find as many different answers to that question as there are staff members.

So I asked the question (again), and made some of your favorite staff members choose just one wine to recommend now. No Harris, you cannot choose two!

Staff Picks for What to Drink Now:

Larry Sharrott, II, Chief Wineaux: Vignoles – Winner of the 2014 New Jersey Governor’s Cup for Best Vinifera (Grape) Wine. Slightly sweet with aromas and flavors of apricot and honey. “A great sipper for a hot summer’s day!”

Larry Sharrott, III, Owner & Winemaker ExtraordinairePinot GrigioLight bodied and dry, our food-friendly Pinot Grigio has a smooth, lingering finish. “Bright crisp flavors, perfectly refreshing.”

Eileen Sharrott, Owner & Hostess with Mostess: Vidal Blanc – Fragrant and light bodied with a dry, mouth-watering finish. “The perfect wine for summer foods like fish, seafood, and vegetable dishes. Just delicious!”

Arden Amos, Tasting Room & Sales Goddess: Summer Sangria – The perfect blend of sweet red wine with the essence of citrus fruits. “It is oh so yummy! Drink up.”

Jennifer Malme, Wine Educator: Dry Rosé – A light red wine in the European style – dry, yet fruity. “Sharrott’s Dry Rosé pairs well with your summer picnic – cheeses, cold cuts, salads and more!”

Harris Friedberg, Wine Wordsmith: Dry Riesling – Crisp and clean with a touch of sweetness and a lush floral aroma. “Refreshing, clean flavors – perfect for sipping on the patio with friends.”


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