Pairing Vegetarian Meals with Wine

Beth Roessner of The Desert Sun walks us through the basics of pairing meatless meals with wine.

Photo by J. MalmeThe easiest way to pair wine with food is to consider the protein involved. Red wine and red meat. White wine and fish, for example. But what do you do if you don’t eat meat? It takes creativity and some ingenuity for a vegetarian or vegan to find the perfect meal and wine match.

But you don’t need to over-think it.

“I think pairing wine with a vegetarian dish is as easy as pairing wines with anything else,” author Karen MacNeil says.

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Recommended Sharrott Wine/Vegetarian Pairings:

  • Pinot Grigio with cheese and vegetable appetizers
  • Vidal Blanc with egg dishes and salads
  • Unoaked Chardonnay with cooked vegetable dishes
  • Dry Rose with panzanella salad
  • Tango with grilled portobello mushrooms
  • Vignoles  and Riesling with spicy vegetarian dishes
  • Blueberry, Crimson Sky, and Wicked with fruit and chocolate desserts
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