How to Stock Your Wine Cellar

Tips on what to buy and how many bottles from the website Serious Eats.

barrelsFor me, the in-house wine cooler—the kind we discussed over here—whether it has space for 24 bottles or 48, is mostly for what you’re going to drink soon. It’s filled with wine for weeknight dinners and festive dinner parties, special occasions, and bottles to bring to friends. It’s where you keep your wine safely at home for the short to medium-term, but it’s not enough space for gathering a long-term collection. If you’ve really gotten into wine and you want to stash some away to drink at its peak in 5 or 10 or even 20 years, then we’re talking about a bigger cellaring project.

The basics, at some level, are the same. If you’re buying wine to drink later, you want to store it around 55 degrees, give or take.

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