Sharrott Wines Score High Marks at Finger Lakes International

The results are in, and once again Sharrott Wines are bringing home the medals!

This year’s Finger Lakes International Wine Competition featured:

  1. 3756 wines entered
  2. 20 countries participating
  3. All 50 States represented
  4. Plus 6 Canadian Provinces

This is truly an International event, where each wine is judged on its own merit – its presence, balance and varietal character – not by how it compares to other wines in the flight.

According to Sharrott Winery wine maker/owner Larry Sharrott, “Winning a medal at the Finger Lakes Competition is a validation that we are making good wines. There’s a lot of prestige that comes from this international event.”

“But to win Double Gold, which means that every judge gave the wine a Gold medal, means even more. It’s truly a thrill!”

Visit for more information and a complete list of winners.

Sharrott’s Winning Wines:

  • Vignoles – Double Gold Medal
  • Dry Riesling – Silver Medal
  • Dry Rose – Silver Medal
  • Vidal Blanc – Silver Medal
  • Chambourcin 2012 – Bronze Medal
  • Crimson Sky – Bronze Medal
  • Pinot Grigio – Bronze Medal
  • Riesling – Bronze Medal
  • Tango 2011 – Bronze Medal
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2 Responses to Sharrott Wines Score High Marks at Finger Lakes International

  1. Eileen Scala says:

    I’m so pleased to see that Sharrott Wines are getting the attention that they deserve from judges at an international level. I’ve been a fan of Crimson Sky for years now. I only wish I could find it in more New Jersey liquor stores. Until I tasted Sharrott Dry Riesling, I had never enjoyed the taste of white wine. Thank you for continuing to make a quality product!

  2. Jean Drozd says:

    Congrats Sharrott family. I’m not the least surprised.

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