Sharrott Wines Earn High Scores at the Beverage Testing Institute

In a recent testing of Bordeaux-style wines, the Beverage Testing Institute, an independent, privately owned corporation that conducts professional, blind tastings and reviews of beverage products, gave Sharrott’s Trio a score of 90 points, calling it “a remarkable food wine” and “exceptional.” It was rated higher than more expensive wines from California! And our Tango blend was considered a “visceral dance of flavors” and “highly recommended” at 88 points.

iStock_000004237206SmallBut what exactly do these scores mean? According to Larry Sharrott, owner and wine maker, “Objective outside validation by experts is proof that we are making a quality product.” He adds, “For Sharrott wines to score so highly against national and international competition means that we are making good wines.”

The Beverage Testing Institute (BTI) maintains rigorous testing standards by using a dedicated testing lab specially designed to minimize external factors and maximize the panelists’ concentration. BTI relies heavily on highly experienced, professional guest tasters who are either retailers, restaurateurs, or prominent writers that are especially knowledgeable about the beverage category being reviewed. All panelists are screened and audited and then trained in BTI’s proprietary blind tasting methodology.

Wines are scored on a 100-point scale to accurately reflect the quality of products in today’s market:

  • 96 to 100 – Superlative
  • 90 to 95 – Exceptional
  • 85 to 89 – Highly Recommended
  • 80 to 84 – Recommended
  • less than 80 – Not Recommended

Larry Sharrott admits that his ultimate goal is to make good wine. And if that good wine comes from New Jersey? Well, that’s icing on the cake…




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