Wine and Your New Year’s Resolutions

I know what you’re thinking. “How does wine fit into my resolutions to eat healthier, try new things and connect with friends and family?”

Surprisingly, a visit to Sharrott Winery can help with all of these!

It’s a known fact that moderate consumption of red wine has numerous health benefits, including lowering the risks for developing heart disease, blood clots, cataracts, and Type-2 diabetes. So if you’re thinking about eating healthier, don’t forget to pair your dinner with a glass of Sharrott wine.

Photo by J. Malme

Enjoy an afternoon on our patio with a glass of Sharrott wine.

If trying new things is on your Resolution List, then stop by the Tasting Room to try a new wine. Are you a white wine lover? Then step outside your comfort zone and try a red. Do sweet wines make you smile? Maybe a semi-sweet wine is the next step on your wine-tasting adventure. Let one of our Tasting Room staff recommend a new wine the next time you stop by.

Finally, do you feel like you’ve lost touch with the people in your life? Plan to meet them at the winery for one of our fun events throughout the year. We offer festivals, food pairing weekends, barrel tastings, live music, and much more! Visit our Calendar of Events or check us out on Facebook for the most up-to-date information. And remember, we are family-friendly!

See, those New Year’s Resolutions aren’t so hard to keep after all!



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