We want you to be a Crimignoles!

October 27 & 28 is Crimignoles Weekend at Sharrott Winery!

But what is a Crimignoles, you ask? And more importantly, how do you pronounce it?

Well, it’s pronounced “Crim-in-ole” – just like the jailbird – and it happens to be a mixer of two of Sharrott Winery’s most popular wines.

Here’s how to make a Crimignoles:

1. Clasp hand around a bottle of Sharrott Vignoles.

2. Wrap the other hand around a bottle of Sharrott Crimson Sky.

3. Pour equal amounts in a wine glass. Swirl and sip.

So good, it’s Crimignoles!

We will be pouring this special treat all weekend in our tasting room. And watch out, you might see a criminal or two!

Come dressed in your best Halloween costume to receive a free tasting on October 27 & 28.

We can’t wait to see you!

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