A World-Renowned Winery

Welcome to Sharrott Winery! We're proud to host Hammonton locals and travelers from around globe when they want to participate in a wine tasting, purchase their favorite variety, or simply enjoy some wine and cheese in an elegant, relaxing setting. Our winery has built a reputation for producing world-class vintages right here in New Jersey. Please browse our site to learn more about each of the wines we produce, place an online order, or plan for your visit to our vineyard.

To truly appreciate the care and craft that goes into our whites, reds, and sweet wines, a tour of our grounds is in order. Each variety we produce utilizes a specific production method, and you'll be able to taste our products during one of our celebrated wine tasting events. We have a relaxing patio where guests are able to enjoy any and all of our vintages and sample an array of cheeses. As one of the few wineries that offers table service, we encourage our guests to sit back and relax, soak in the scenery, enjoy great company, and, of course, sample fabulous wine.

As you can see, Sharrott Winery is more than just a winery. New Jersey residents love visiting on the weekend to hear live music and celebrate special occasions. If you find yourself to be among those who can't get enough of our chardonnay, pinot grigio, cabernet, and sweet wine, we invite you to enroll in our wine club. All our bottles can be ordered here on our site, and we'll happily answer any questions you have about flavor profiles or food pairings.


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